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Top 5 Tips For Better Load Stability

Here at Bridge Johnson, we know better than anyone how important load stability is to get your goods from A to B. Nobody likes dealing with wasted or broken goods, and with all the work that goes into a dispatch operation, it’s no surprise that less than perfect results aren’t ideal. Damages in transit are often due to easily avoidable mistakes, so in this week’s blog, we’re giving you our top tips for how to load a pallet safely and securely.

How To Hand Wrap A Pallet In Six Simple Steps

Choosing the right pallet makes a huge difference to the finished product. After all, it’s the foundation for your entire load, so it’s important to ensure you have a good base. So, what should you look out for when choosing the perfect pallet? Firstly, you have to find a pallet that’s the right size to accommodate your packages. Once you’ve found the right fit (literally) you can pick out a pallet that’s in good condition. Steer clear of any stability compromising splitting edges or broken boards. As soon as you’ve found the right pallet, you can move on to the next step


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