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Imagine you could cut virgin plastics usage by 70% in your despatch operation.

Imagine doing your bit for the environment by cutting virgin plastic use by 70%, with just one change to your despatch operation.

With every day that manufacturers work hard, distributing goods and satisfying customers, another problem is building: the single-use plastic waste that results from packaging. In the UK alone we produce 5 million tons of single-use plastic each year, half of which is estimated to come from packaging.

While many organisations are taking bold steps to adopt more eco-friendly practices, there is an issue that corporates have been unable to tackle: the non-recycled, single-use pallet wrap shrouding thousands of pallets they despatch.

As corporations have grown and globalised, so has the problem – until now.

With EcoStretch, You’re no longer powerless to turn the tide on your plastics usage. Organisations can experience all the performance of a high-stretch pallet wrap and just a fraction of the waste. This 70% recycled post-consumer waste stretch film is engineered to give maximum puncture resistance and exceptional stretch. As an added benefit, EcoStretch also provides an exemption from the UK’s upcoming plastics tax. Experience the benefits to your brand equity, and your tax bill, by becoming an early adopter. Join the progressive and responsible brands who prove the EcoStretch advantage daily.

Shows your organisation’s commitment to the environment
Exempt from upcoming plastics taxes
High-performing tear-resistance
High-impact and effortless switch

EcoStretch® is available from Bridge Johnson on a free-trial basis.
Let us know your load type and depot size to arrange a no-obligation free trial, and play your part on the front line of the fight for a sustainable future, today.

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