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Designed and developed as an environmentally friendly packaging solution for closed-loop distribution channels, ZeroWrap offers you maximum security with zero hassle and zero waste. ZeroWrap Pallet Jackets are an innovative and sustainable solution for distribution routes that result in the most wasteful pallet wrap usage, including:

Intra-depot stock transfers
Closed-loop distribution routes
Repack operations
Deliveries that are instantly inspected
Multi-drop operations (variable height jackets are available)

Half of all single-use plastic waste, which can lead to an extremely harmful impact on the environment, is thought to come from packaging. With 5 million tonnes of single-use plastic thrown away each year in the UK, it is more important than ever for businesses to adapt to greener solutions.

With a simple four-step process, securing ZeroWrap is a fuss-free process; boosting productivity and streamlining your despatch process, all with just one change to your packaging process. As well as eliminating single-use plastic from your wrapping process, ZeroWrap reduces exposure to repetitive strain and slip-related accidents. Best of all, the ongoing storage and administrative costs you experience when repeatedly ordering consumable film are avoided entirely with ZeroWrap!

Experience the benefits to your brand equity and your tax bill of becoming an early adopter: join the progressive & responsible brands that prove the ZeroWrap advantage daily.

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