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The Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solution Your Distribution Channel Deserves

More businesses than ever before are looking for sustainable packaging options that cut back on plastic use, but still offer exceptional protection for pallets. Here in Britain, we produce roughly 5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, half of which comes from packaging. Single-use plastic can have an incredibly harmful impact on the environment, so it’s more important than ever before to introduce eco-friendly packaging options.
That’s where ZeroWrap comes in! A green packaging solution designed and developed for closed-loop distribution channels, this pallet jacket allows businesses to avoid single-use plastic without having to compromise on pallet security. With no hassle and no waste, ZeroWrap is a clever answer to the issue of wasteful pallet wrap usage in certain distribution routes.

Which Distribution Routes Can Benefit The Most From ZeroWrap?

Intra-Depot Stock Transfers
Closed-Loop Distribution Routes
Repack Operations
Deliveries With Instant Inspection
Multi-Drop Operations

Securing ZeroWrap is an efficient and hassle-free process, effortlessly streamlining your distribution operation and increasing productivity with just one simple change. An easy to follow four-step process is all it takes to secure your pallets, far less than traditional pallet wrap. Using a pallet jacket completely eliminates tears and punctures, as well as reducing slips and strain related accidents to improve safety.
Aside from improving security, ZeroWrap cuts back on single-use plastic by 100%, contributing massively to your business environmental goals, and proving an exemption to upcoming plastic taxes. Even better, you can avoid the ongoing cost of repeat orders of pallet wrap as well as saving on storage and administrative costs. Join the businesses all over the UK opting for more environmentally responsible packaging with ZeroWrap.

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