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Make Your Operation Seamless With Our Packaging Assured Scheme

We believe in taking a comprehensive approach to our client’s operation. From packaging products to solutions, we ensure that the businesses we work with run smoother than ever. Our Packaging Assured Scheme offers clients a complete packaging management solution, so packaging can finally be effortless.
Packaging Assured is a free program, where customers share their KPI’s for plastic reduction, dispatch time, damages sustained in transit and other key metrics with a dedicated and experienced packaging consultant. We are right beside you on your journey to improve your operation by optimising your process with solutions created bespoke by experts in the industry.

Firstly, we learn all about your operations pain points. From load stability to frustrating packing processes or even to production stalling bottlenecks. Once issues have been identified, your Packaging Assured consultant will devise and recommend a range of solutions to address them, and then help you oversee the implementation of the options you prefer.

We then take a look at specific areas and goals you may have, perhaps you’ve been looking at how to reduce plastic use? Or maybe avoiding slips, trips, and falls is the top of your priority list. Even if eliminating product picking errors is your goal, we can help you achieve them. You may not think that packaging can make a difference with problems such as these, however with the help of a Packaging Assured consultant that understands your businesses needs, you can make great things happen

Once current pain points are taken care of, we then work on optimising your operation for the future. We help businesses keep up with changes in technology, legislation and within your company. If you need to reduce packing time, refresh your packaging machinery or more, Bridge Johnson will make it an effortless experience.

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