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Packaging Assured Scheme

Our packaging assured scheme offers clients a complete packaging management solution. Packaging Assured is a free programme where clients share their KPIs for plastics reduction, despatch time, damages in transit and other key metrics, with an experienced packaging consultant.We come with you on the journey to make your operation better by optimising the packaging with expert solutions.

Firstly, we learn about your operation’s pain points such as any bottlenecks or a packing process that causes frustration. Your Packaging Assured consultant will recommend a range of solutions to resolve these, and oversee implementation of your preferred options.

We then look at focus areas such as reducing plastics, avoiding picking errors or avoiding slips, trips and falls. You might not expect that packaging can make a difference with this issues – and it usually won’t, until you partner with someone that fully understand your company and goals, like your Packaging Assured consultant does.

We then work on optimising your operation further to keep the pace with changes in technology, legislation and your company’s requirements. If you need to reduce packing time, refresh your packing machinery or devise a method of protecting some ugly freight – your Packaging Assured consultant will make it an effortless experience.

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