Setting new standards in load stability with SURGE Machine-applied stretch films.SAVE PLASTICS & SAVE COSTS

Fully Recyclable, Recycled Content, Plastics-Tax Exempt, Improved Load Stability, Cost & Plastics Savings

No organisation should have to choose between cutting plastics and significantly saving costs

That’s why we created SURGE FILM

SURGE makes it simple to do both

Why Surge?


What this means?


What is unique about SURGE FILM?

This machine-applied pallet wrap is engineered to give you confidence in every pallet wrapped. With a 55-layer latticed construction, SURGE creates a new level of snap resistance and holding force which have been tested to EUMOS 40503:2020 standards. This guaranteed SURGE to 420% stretch capability, making it the most reliable stretch film available in the UK. SURGE FILM is also environmentally friendly. Its recycled content is above the impending Single Use Plastics Taxation threshold and still remains 100% recyclable. So SURGE film gives more than safely wrapped pallets – it gives an environmental contribution, peace of mind and reduced cost!

The science behind SURGE Savings

  • Unique polymer blend allows application at a far lower thickness

  • Increased stretch retention and machine performance reduces the number of wraps required, giving material and time savings

  • Optimum puncture resistance eliminates snapping and re-working

  • Latticed structure absorbs impact better than any other film

“When I heard about the recycled content I didn’t believe SURGE could outperform traditional nanofilms. After wrapping a few pallets and feeling how much better the stability was, I knew immediately that SURGE would make that vital difference in our logistics. With over 35% cost savings, what more can I say.”
Packaging Technologist

Faster Wrapping

The high-strength polymers allow faster wrapping without the hassle of snags or line stoppages. SURGE Films also require less storage and disposal space - so everyone at every level wins.

Safer and more stable Pallets

With super stretch abilities and stronger, snap proof film, you can be confident that your pallets are safer and more secure. This reduces damages and downtime.

Recycled Content

SURGE Film avoids the Single Use Plastics Tax, because it contains recycled material - whilst remaining 100% recyclable. This makes it the No.1 ecofriendly pallet wrap choice.

Less Plastic Usage and Cost

All the benefits of SURGE Film result in significantly reducing the amount of plastic used to wrap your pallets. This means lower costs and less wastage - whilst embracing sustainability and maximising load stability.

High Puncture Resistance

Don’t waste time or use extra polythene to compensate for film snaps in your wrapping process. SURGE Film’s real-life dart tests show that you can stretch thinner, and with the right degree of tension, end up with a stronger wrap. Now that’s smart wrapping!

Eco Friendly with No Tax

SURGE Film improves your carbon footprint, and reduces your single use plastic tax and Packaging Waste obligations. Not only do you use less plastics, it is produced with recycled content and is entirely recyclable. This helps you and your customers’ fulfill your Social & Sustainability goals.

Your steps to SURGE Savings

1. Discover

For us to recommend the most suitable grade and calculate your Plastics Reduction & Cost Savings we need to learn a bit about you.

2. Experience

Experience for yourself the advantages of SURGE FILM using our COVID-safe sampling. With real world data we can send a formal Savings PROMISE (our guarantee).

3. Implement

Quickly and seamlessly install SURGE FILM into all required departments, our engineers and specialists ensure that compliance and testing is always fully attended to.

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